Draft Prevention

Draft Prevention

Is the winter chill making its way into your home through your fireplace? Discover the reasons behind fireplace drafts and explore effective solutions to keep your home cozy all winter long.

What Causes a Fireplace Draft?

Poor Airflow

Achieving a balance between sealing your home against cold air and allowing sufficient airflow is crucial. Homes sealed too tightly impede the necessary draft up the chimney. If you suspect airflow issues, try opening a window while using your fireplace to assess the improvement in draft.

Improperly Sized Chimney

The chimney's size must align with the appliance it vents. Incorrect sizing, often seen with gas insert installations, leads to draft problems and quicker creosote buildup. Regular inspections and cleanings, especially after upgrades, are vital for preventing issues.

Cold Flue

Starting a fire in the coldest days requires priming the flue. Cold flues hinder smoke from rising, causing potential drafts. Priming involves heating the flue by holding a burning log or heat source high up in the chimney before igniting the main fire.

Common Solutions for Fireplace Drafts

Fireplace Cover/Draft Guard

These guards and covers, available commercially or for a DIY project, block the fireplace opening when not in use. They attach easily to the metal facing with magnets, providing an effective barrier against drafts.

Glass Doors

Stylish and modern, glass doors prevent drafts by closing the fireplace when not in use. Their attached design eliminates the need for storage, allowing you to open them for use and close them when done.

Install/Replace the Damper

Dampers, located at the chimney's top, control smoke release and heat retention. Damaged or absent dampers can result in escaping warm air and entering cold air. Regular inspection and replacement, if necessary, are essential for optimal functionality.

Fireplace Insert

Fireplace inserts offer the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace with the efficiency of a wood stove. They eliminate drafts and come in various styles. Gas inserts are a convenient and modern option to prevent drafts without breaking the bank.

Whether you opt for a simple draft guard or consider a complete fireplace remodel, numerous options are available to banish drafts and keep the winter chills at bay. Ensure your home remains a warm and inviting haven throughout the colder months!

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